What We Do


It is often a loosely interpreted and over-generalized buzzword that can be a catch-all for anything new regardless of business value, focus or success measures. We define innovation as: the execution and delivery of new ideas that create value for our organization and our community.

The County is fortunate to have a talented and dedicated workforce and a citizenry interested in striving towards a better and brighter community. We are working with several teams across the County on finding better solutions that don’t add to our bottom line budget.

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Wake County is committed to improving access to high-speed internet resources for our community. We’re working with the towns, cities, our school system and community organizations to improve digital literacy training, computer resources and affordable high-speed internet service to all of our 1 million+ county citizens.

ConnectWake is part of the Wake County Board of Commissioners goal to create a business-friendly environment to attract, retain and grow business, diversify the economic base and create job opportunities for the people of Wake County.

Here you’ll find online resources for locating low-cost computer devices, internet service providers, computer training opportunities, online job search support, free Wi-Fi spots and local computer access in Wake County.

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Wake County is home to an active and talented community of technology workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and other like-minded individuals interested in using their time and talents to improve life in their neighborhoods and communities. We are engaging with them to share resources and create better outcomes, together.

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3D printers, drones, IoT, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and data analytics are just a few examples of the disruptive technologies finding their way into the mainstream. But how do evaluate them and figure the best way to plan for or utilize them? We are working with partners to identify, explore, pilot and bring these technologies into our operations.

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Brown Bag Series: Over 14 weeks, the Innovation team has provided 19 training sessions with 205 attendees. These courses include topics such as: Design thinking, improving creativity, why data is important, survey design, innovative change in government, cool tools to get the work done and how to apply Behavioral Economics principles to improve your impact. Approximately 10-20% of the students attended multiple classes and many have already enrolled themselves in classes for 2020. Over 50 anonymous feedback surveys have been completed giving an overall rating of 4.67/5 stars across the classes. Some great testimonials have also been received such as: “The Wake County innovation center provides us with tools we can immediately implement to improve our work and our lives “ and a quote from the feedback survey, “This was a great class! I am going to recommend it to the small team I supervise.”