In a world of Big Data transitioning to electronic records, Microsoft Power BI tells the story of what would have been left untold. The Wake County Register of Deeds created a dashboard to provide a visual representation of electronic documents that steer away from accuracy. With intents to be more efficient, the online dashboard identifies where most of the inaccuracies occur and this allows Register of Deeds analysts to investigate potential solutions.

Land records compose the majority of the submissions, but the Register of Deeds is responsible for other things like Real Estate records, birth and death certificates, and marriage licenses. While the mistakes are important to analyze, having no mistakes is something that may also need to be investigated. The dashboard provided a tool which easily identifies document errors. This    creates value for Wake County and helps implement viable solutions making everybody’s job easier and faster.

The dashboard works by importing data directly from a database, exporting it to an Excel spreadsheet, uploads to a database, and then the data in the Excel spreadsheet creates the visualization on the dashboard. The next steps with the dashboard will be creating time studies. Time stamps on submissions would be used to see how long things take and analyze that data to create viable information to see where the Register of Deeds can create an optimized process of submissions.

Check out the dashboard here!