New Pew Study on Policies Encouraging Broadband Adoption

Released on April 10, a new Pew study dives deep into the nation’s thoughts on how we should set policies and programs to promote and facilitate broadband adoption. Here are a couple highlights that I found particularly intriguing:

“A substantial majority of the public (70%) believes local governments should be able to build their own broadband networks if existing services in the area are either too expensive or not good enough…”

Unfortunately, the survey did not delve into the definitions of “too expensive” and “not good enough”, which leaves considerable room for debate.

“…fewer than half of Americans (44%) think the government should provide subsidies to help lower-income Americans pay for high-speed internet at home.”

But fortunately there are several programs offered through the major service providers in the Wake County area,such as the AT&T Access Program.

“…roughly nine-in-ten Americans describe high-speed internet service as either essential (49%) or important but not essential (41%).”

With half of the country considering internet essential (as in a utility such as water, sewer or electricity) and 90% considering it at least “important”, it probably won’t be long before more barriers are reduced to ensure increased broadband adoption nationwide.

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