Local “Brigades” are leading the civic tech movement

There is one point that is worth debating when civic tech people get together and that is whether civic tech flows from local to national or national to local. I feel fairly strongly that everything starts local and goes from there.  Code for America does offer those of us in civic tech a framework and an umbrella to gather under, but the work is done locally.

The reason I mention it is that there is a national advisory council of brigade leaders that meet and help determine how the network of brigades should operate.

My co-captain of Code for Raleigh Jason Hibbets recently wrote about one of their gatherings.

It’s a great read. if you don’t have time to read everything he wrote, here are some of the highlights.

• Brigade Leaders are getting burnt out – I know that after years I feel this way sometimes
• Engagement with Government is not happening – Is this because we aren’t aligning with the needs of government
• Pressure to work on code – CfR has built an active community that includes some start-ups and independent projects, but not projects themselves

• Brigades need to align with CfA and their communities

But most importantly, we need you to get involved! Come to our meetings, help plan events, engage with government.  And don’t worry, there is place for you.

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