Who We Are

Bill Greeves
Chief Information & Innovation Officer

In my role, I am focused on identifying opportunities, building connections and creating solutions that result in better services, greater efficiency and happier people. I write fiction under the pen name of Greever Williams and I am a massive #StarWarsGeek.

Chris Matthews
Data Scientist

Bringing my passions for data and civic innovation together have led me to the role of Wake County’s first Data Scientist where I hope to bring the county’s use of data forward in the areas of predictive and prescriptive analytics.

At 48 I went back to school to update my skills and prepare for a career in data analytics. When the opportunity to apply these skills at Wake County came up, I jumped on it. I may be new to the role of Data Scientist, but not to the county. I have spent the last 14 years on the Database Operations team as a database administrator.

I love solving problems and looking at them from various points of view. I’ve taken a “govie’s” mind set into the area of civic tech as well. For the past 5+ years I have been a member and leader of the local Code for America brigade in Raleigh and one of the coordinators for our annual civic tech conference called CityCamp NC.

When I’m not at work I spend my time enjoying craft beer and knowing too much trivia.

Kenisha Hinton
Innovation Partner

“Make it Happen with Excellence” is a belief that I am known for in my personal and professional life.  My passion is building capacity of systems and staff, connecting dots, solution development and leveraging technology. The Innovation Team does all of this with creativity, process engineering, a pleasant attitude and a “make it happen” spirit.

I have over 18 years of experience with Wake County and when I first walked into the CreateSpace Collaboratory, it was clear to me that this is an environment I would love to be a part of in efforts to combine my passion and belief.  It excites me to work side by side with technology professionals and department leaders; identifying solutions and developing strategies to accomplish the goals identified by our board.

In the words of John S Herrington “there are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach”. Together with strategy, technology, root cause analysis, working with groups we will meet the goals. It would be an honor to partner with your team as we keep Wake County on the cutting edge. Please reach out to our group and let us know your great ideas!!

Julie Miller
Innovation Partner

My mission is to explore and encourage innovation that ensures that Wake County continues to evolve and thrive. I work with teams from across the county and help them to create innovative solutions that improve the lives of the staff and citizens of Wake County.My expertise is in using behavioral economics and psychology to create innovative and effective interventions across a wide range of issues at the individual, community, and system-levels.

Prior to joining Wake County, I worked for Dan Ariely conducting behavioral economics research and designing innovative solutions that improve human behavior and experience. I love sharing my passion for research with others and hope to recruit my fellow Wake County employees to join me as “citizen-scientists,” who see the value of the data all around them and use it to inform their decisions. My experience crosses multiple domains including: health, environmental protection, policy-creation, and financial decision-making.

In addition to research, I have taught at several universities and have co-led workshops for diverse groups including government, CVS Health, and Google. I enjoy making scientific information accessible and presenting new concepts to people in a way that makes them excited apply new perspectives to their daily work. I also have extensive experience mentoring and collaborating with startups, and enjoy participating in the vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship community here in the Triangle.
Inspiring new ways of thinking and providing the necessary skills to innovators (anyone with a great idea) to pursue that idea is immensely rewarding. I look forward to working together to improve the lives of the people of Wake County.

IT Project Manager

I am the liaison between the Innovation Program and Solutions Development team at Wake County.  In this role, I seek opportunities for synergy between the two programs.    The tremendous growth of the County’s population has created a need to re-think how we provide services to our citizens.  Disruptive technologies offer the ability to better serve our citizens in a more cost effective manner.    My interests include drone technologies, artificial intelligence, and applications of blockchain technology.