Who We Are

Bill Greeves, Chief Information & Innovation Officer

In my role, I am focused on identifying opportunities, building connections and creating solutions that result in better services, greater efficiency and happier people. I write fiction under the pen name of Greever Williams and I am a massive #StarWarsGeek.

Julie Miller, Innovation Partner

My mission is to explore and encourage innovation that ensures that Wake County continues to evolve and thrive. I work with teams from across the county and help them to create innovative solutions that improve the lives of the staff and citizens of Wake County. (more…)

Paula Richardson, Solutions Development Director

I have spent the past 31 years at Wake County and know it very well! I have watched Wake County\ evolve over the years into the cutting edge organization it is today and I know it can move to the next level.  My interest in technology, and the opportunities to work differently, will allow the formation of business and service changing initiatives. My role is to coordinate and manage a program that allows for full creativity exploration, skill building, and state-of-the-art ways to provide solutions to citizens and staff.

Kenisha Hinton, Innovation Partner

“Make it Happen with Excellence” is a belief that I am known for in my personal and professional life.  My passion is building capacity of systems and staff, connecting dots, solution development and leveraging technology. The Innovation Team does all of this with creativity, process engineering, a pleasant attitude and a “make it happen” spirit.

Chris Mathews, Data Scientist

Bringing my passions for data and civic innovation together have led me to the role of Wake County’s first Data Scientist where I hope to bring the county’s use of data forward in the areas of predictive and prescriptive analytics.