Behavioral Economics: Why we get in our own way

Behavioral economics is a field of study that combines economics and psychology to better understand why people behave the way that they do. What we find is that people often act in ways that we would not expect and fail to do what is in their best interests (even when they set their own goals). This class will introduce you to the fundamentals of behavioral economics (and behavioral science in general). You will learn why people behave irrationally, what patterns have been found in people’s behavior (biases), and how to use or work around these biases to change behavior. For this class, you should come with a behavior in mind that you are trying to get people to change (or change yourself). For example: how do I get people to come to their appointments, how do I get people to put in for permits earlier, how do I eat healthier, how do I get people to recycle more, etc. It can be any behavior as long is it is a “real” behavior- can be seen and/or measured. It should be a fun class!


Oct 09 2019


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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WCOB 1215


Julie M. Miller