Discovering Technology for Myself

I’ve been a die-hard Android user ever since my first DROID phone. I’ve had DROIDs, Samsungs, and fell in love with the Google Pixel. I thought I’d forever be an Android user until I started discovering technology for myself.

The DiscoTech room in the CREATEspace Innovation Lab features some Apple products. My Pixel started dying on me and I felt a pull towards Apple after seeing those products and looking into my options.

I made the jump and discovered the world of iPhone. iMessage, iCloud, Animoji, Super Retina HD display, 3D touch, and iOS was an unknown and unexplored world to me. All of the reviews and specifications posted online were daunting, but I decided I wanted to discover Apple on my own instead of reading about it online.

I got an iPhone XS and it rocks my world. I still love and support the Android environment and various customization options, but I give it to Apple for having a simple, clean, and concise user interface.

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