Julie Miller, Innovation Partner

My mission is to explore and encourage innovation that ensures that Wake County continues to evolve and thrive. I work with teams from across the county and help them to create innovative solutions that improve the lives of the staff and citizens of Wake County.My expertise is in using behavioral economics and psychology to create innovative and effective interventions across a wide range of issues at the individual, community, and system-levels.

Prior to joining Wake County, I worked for Dan Ariely conducting behavioral economics research and designing innovative solutions that improve human behavior and experience. I love sharing my passion for research with others and hope to recruit my fellow Wake County employees to join me as “citizen-scientists,” who see the value of the data all around them and use it to inform their decisions. My experience crosses multiple domains including: health, environmental protection, policy-creation, and financial decision-making.

In addition to research, I have taught at several universities and have co-led workshops for diverse groups including government, CVS Health, and Google. I enjoy making scientific information accessible and presenting new concepts to people in a way that makes them excited apply new perspectives to their daily work. I also have extensive experience mentoring and collaborating with startups, and enjoy participating in the vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship community here in the Triangle.
Inspiring new ways of thinking and providing the necessary skills to innovators (anyone with a great idea) to pursue that idea is immensely rewarding. I look forward to working together to improve the lives of the people of Wake County.