Civic Tech for March 2017

Members of Wake County’s innovation group helped plan and lead two meetups in March around Civic Tech. Both were well attended and innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that is alive the Wake County.
The first event was the planning kickoff event for NC OpenPass, the umbrella term for the civic tech events in North Carolina. It was held at Google Fiber’s new space in downtown Raleigh.

On the Agenda:
• Update on NC Open Pass and partnership with NC Datapalooza
• Organize into subcommittees: Sponsorship, Marketing, Logistics, Speakers, and Open Data
• Discuss keynote and other speakers
• Set-up new users on our collaboration tools

The second meetup was a follow-up where we went over the Board Goals for 2017 and how the civic tech community could get involved. The event was attended by 20 people and we received good feedback on which initiatives the community wanted to learn more

20 attendees
3 Wake
1 CoR
2 Other (Jason & Tracy)
14 Community

Survey 9 Responses on 13 community attendees

Top Priority – Broad Categories (pick 1)
5 Open Space & Parks
2 Bus Dev & Diversity
1 Affordable Housing
1 Hunger, Food Insecurity

Second Priority – Broad Categories (pick 1)
2 Affordable Housing
2 Community Health
2 Transit
1 Hunger, Food Insecurity
1 Bus Dev & Diversity
1 Open Space & Parks

Details-specific goals (pick 5)
Affordable housing SEV1.1 3
Affordable housing CH1.5 2
Open Space/Parks GS 1.2 5
Open space / parks GS2.4 3
Bus/dev ES 2.1 6
Community health SEV3.2 5
Community health CH2.5 2
Dashboard GG7.2 2
Data Analytics GS4.1 2
Transit GS5.3 3

The three highest goals are open space/parks, bus/dev and community health. This seems a little of the mark based on the responses from the broad category responses, but it is understandable

Open Space/parks – specific idea was a rewrite of RGreenway as open source, direct feed from Open Data Portals
Bus/Dev – A minority/woman owned business focused startup portal
Community Health – Revive Stone Soup/NC Connects

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