While applicable to our lives in general, this article identifies certain ways that perfection may lead to failure, relevant to innovation in particular.

9 Reasons Perfectionism is a Bad Thing

Perfectionism is an attempt to avoid failure. Fear of failure stifles innovation. With that in mind, four of the article’s reasons stood out to me:

You are never done – this idea of never being done prevents you from offering business value to your customer at the earliest point in time (MVP – minimum viable product).

You don’t take risks – with this mindset, if you can’t be sure of doing something perfectly, you opt to not try at all.

Your creativity is suffocated – rather than devise new ways to handle business problems, you choose to use the same methods, solutions and processes to arrive at the (presumably) safe and certain outcome….and this takes us back to the first point above.

You personalize everything – something is perfect or else it’s a failure…leads to inability to listen to negative feedback. Negative feedback (and positive, for that matter) is crucial to the product development cycle, specifically iteration.