Innovation Is a Tricky Term.
It is often a loosely interpreted and over-generalized buzzword that can be a catch-all for anything new regardless of business value, focus or success measures. We define innovation as: the execution and delivery of new ideas that create value for our organization and our community.
What We Do

Improving Government & Citizen Services

The County is fortunate to have a talented and dedicated workforce and a citizenry interested in striving towards a better and brighter community. We are working with several teams across the County on finding better solutions that don’t add to our bottom line budget.

Engaging with the Civic Tech Community

Wake County is home to an active and talented community of technology workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and other like-minded individuals interested in using their time and talents to improve life in their neighborhoods and communities. We are engaging with them to share resources and create better outcomes, together.

Coordinating Digital Literacy & Community Broadband Services

Wake County is committed to improving access to high-speed internet resources for our community. We’re working with the towns, cities, our school system and community organizations to improve digital literacy training, computer resources and affordable high-speed internet service to all of our 1 million+ county citizens.

Exploring & Implementing Disruptive Technologies

3D printers, drones, IoT, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and data analytics are just a few examples of the disruptive technologies finding their way into the mainstream. But how do evaluate them and figure the best way to plan for or utilize them? We are working with partners to identify, explore, pilot and bring these technologies into our operations.